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Biographical INFO

Height: 5' 8"

Eye Color: Blue/Green

Hair Color: Blonde

Bust: 34  Bra: 32B

Waist: 26

Hips: 36

Location: Tampa, FL

December 23, 1995 (age 23)

Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.

Religion/Politics: Independent


  • Actress

  • Model

  • Dancer

  • Instructor



  • Don't Conform to Comfort


  This is just my beginning, I've had the pleasure of working on set with Netflix's OZARK, CBS "MacGyver", BET, Hulu, Hallmark Hall of Fame, several short films, commercials, magazines, fashion shows, and feature films.  I made my professional theater debut as Stacy in ReUnion at International Fringe Festival 2019. We returned with ReUnion, performing at Tampa Bay Theater Festival 2019. One thing I've always strived for is depicting a broad spectrum of characters. It's my way of opening up to other lifestyles, while my audience can watch alongside. Recently, I've portrayed roles varying from a girl tortured by depression (“Mel” in "The Nightmareman") to playing the bubbly sorority girl without care (“Rachel” in "The Dog Days are Over"). 


   When not performing, my focus is activism. Collaborating with the "Great American Teach-In", "ASPCA", "Playback Theater" and other similar organizations to spread confidence, activism, and positive knowledge to people is vital. 


  I am gratefully aspiring for more roles in feature films and maybe one day becoming a cast member on SNL in the future. My aim is to perform in projects that positively impact audiences towards understanding all lives. Along the way, becoming the new kid on the big screen.

Truly I appreciate your interest and support in my career.

Abundant Love & Happiness,


-       Molly Dakota ganong


Cat - Jasperella - 10yrs

Russian Blue Rescue


Rabbit - Charlie - 2yr

Lionhead/MiniRex Mix 

Molly Dakota Ganong (born 1995) is an American actress. Her performance in The Nightmareman (2018) won her a Best Cast & Crew Award from Creepy Tree Film Festival. This year in 2019, Ganong made her professional theater debut in ReUnion, which won her a Social Awareness Award at International Fringe Festival. Later that year, she began portraying Ashley in Survival of the Apocolypse. When she recieved her first IMDB credit. She captivated in 5 accredited senior films for the University of Tampa Seniors. Gaining experience with CGI, Greenscreen, ADR,  animal and child actors. She has walked in fashion shows for designers such as Dee Dee Zeta, Sew Addicted, Pippa Pelure Darkest Fox and Maison Close NYC. Molly Dakota can be seen in print work such as the cover of Bikini Girl's Life in the USA, Swim Rags Calendar, Ahktive Posture Corrector Packaging and more. Her career is still just beginning. 

Early life

Raised between Boston, MA, and Providence, RI. 

Past Jobs: Waited tables, bartended, and teacher. 

Passion Projects

New Project



The start of my green initiative. Daily walks to pick up trash, reducing and reusing the plastic we have now and substituting for safer options like hemp.

More below.

My Green Life List





LOVE people & animals!

Meaning ALWAYS be kind even when it's really REALLY hard. I know it's gonna be frustrating sometimes. 


Reduce, reuse, RECYCLE! 

Everything you can, don't take anything for granted. Especially animals, water, the earth and fellow humans. 


Pick up litter whenever it's possible. If it's next to you pick it up! This is everyone's problem. Even if you don't litter if you don't pick up litter you could be doing more.


DO NOT HELP companies or people FUND anti-rights projects or businesses. Buying carrots from a slaughterhouse isn't hurting the cow but it is funding the murder! 


SPREAD awareness in a positive way! No one needs to be attacked. We are spreading love not hate! Educate people that want to be educated and never push your opinions on someone. 


REMEMBER this is not the comfortable path this is the right path. As you know every path to justice and wisdom is a long trying journey with multiple temptations. Believe in yourself! Have loving support or be the loving support ❤️ 

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Hemp Bottles Decomposing
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