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We pleased to present our current project, Organic, which is currently in production.

It will be released at the link below!


For updates follow Shadoe Images at the link below.

Directed by Shadoe Leibelt

Horror - 2021


Beer Tales


When Jade and her friends have a night at the local brewery can she keep her cool?

In production now..

Directed by Ken Montano

Comedy - 2021


For Ray, life is all about living with no strings attached.


But when Ray's long-time girlfriend threatens to end their relationship if he doesn't step up to the plate, marry her and start a family.

Directed by Ken Montano

Comedy - 2021



The NightMareMan

On what seems to be a typical October night, we find a girl with a struggle. Mel, who is losing her grasp of her relationship and even her own consciousness, will face her very own boogeyman.

Directed by Jaret Von Jekyll

Horror - 2018




An extraordinary story of a young financial guru, Randy, who suffers a lifetime of heartaches, only to discover the purest form of love in his one true companion, his dog (Koko).

Directed by Anjani Panday

rom/Com - 2021


Survival of the apocalypse

Two best friends are having a troubled friendship, and it all changes when a zombie apocalypse rises, and they stick together and have fun during the apocalypse.

Directed by Anthony Caban

Horror - 2020

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