CBS MacGyver S4 Ep. 7: 'Impractical Jokers' 

'Impractical Jokers' stars to join show for a dinner-date murder-mystery.

I play a server as an extra, James Murray playing the Maître d’ of a restaurant where Riley Davis and her boyfriend Aubrey go on a double date with Mac and Desi. This was an amazing experience. Everyone on set were hilarious. 


Netflix's OZARK S3 E5

I was so fortunate to play a dancer as an extra on OZARK. The cast and crew were so close and welcoming. Laura LInney is as gorgeous and brilliant in person. Seeing her in the makeup trainer was one of my favorite moments.


Twin Skeletons Productions Pilot 

Playing one of the leads in this new pilot is one of the first breaks I'm making to TV the female writers and crew has really made this set wonderful. I am on both the talent and the crew side of this production as the editor and on set was sound and ad.